Seb Fuller
Age: 12
Seb was adopted and raised by Xyrus Durand, legendary hero who once saved the world. As such, he aspires to be a great knight just like his adoptive dad. When Xyrus is injured, Seb eagerly accepts the responsibility of taking his place. Seb believes that if Xyrus could save the world at age 12, then so can he. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.
Lina Motscoud
Apprentice Witch
Age: 13
Lina is a bright young sorceress-in-training from Chiaroscuro City who happened to be passing through when Seb’s adventure began. After she got herself involved, she decided to accompany Seb on his quest, both for the greater good and to search for her missing mother. She doesn’t really like to talk about that, though. Or the rest of her family. So don’t ask, she’s totally not going to tell you about her overbearing sister or workaholic dad! Her specialty is the “Form Break,” which she learned from her magic teacher, Professor Paracelsus. Lina suffers from low mana reserves which limits her ability to cast spells frequently, not that she’s got the self-esteem to believe she can cast magic more often anyway.
The Slime King
Not an Actual King
Age: ???
The self-proclaimed “Monster King” of Mauve Village, The Slime King made it his personal duty to generally just be a nuisance to Master Knight for undisclosed reasons. He feels that this should culminate in an epic duel, but Master Knight always convinces him to spar with Seb instead. The Slime King joins Seb on his quest for reasons he isn’t telling anybody, and he brought his cat along, like he always does. The Slime King’s origins are unclear, even to him. Someone out there probably knows…
The Slime King’s Cat
Age: 3
He’s a cat the Slime King adopted. Does he even have a name? He’s really taken a shine to Lina.
Ceris Chroma
Actual Princess
Age: 17
You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but Ceris is the princess of the Chroma Kingdom. She was suffering through finishing school at the Queen’s behest until her dad hooked her up with a way to escape: accompany these kids on their quest to save the kingdom, because they can’t seem to stop fighting with eachother. Aside from being a sweet way to get out of boring posture classes, it’s also a great opportunity to see the kingdom she will some day inherit. Besides, how much trouble could a few kids be… right?
Xyrus Durand
(AKA) Master Knight
Age: 38
Xyrus is the literal savior of the Chroma Kingdom, having defeated the evil wizard Grrg about 26 years ago with the help of his friends. After his adventure, he settled down in Mauve Village, where he adopted Seb and was adopted by the Slime King. He returned to Swatch City when he got an ominous letter from King Timothy.
King Timothy Chroma XVI
Age: 43
Ruler of the Chroma Kingdom and Ceris’s dad. When he was a prince, he accompanied Xyrus on his adventure and helped to defeat Grrg. Afterwards, he’s put all of his effort into making sure that the kingdom stays peaceful. It looks like all of that is about to be undone, though, which is fine, because he didn’t go gray and lose all of his hair super early from stress over it or anything.
Dr. Cynthia Cleric
Literal Medical Magician
Age: 35
Dr. Cleric was the third member of Xyrus’s party on his quest to defeat Grrg. She’s a magimedical genius who owns and operates the hospital in Swatch City, Cleric’s Clinic. She cares deeply for Xyrus, and by extension anyone/anything that he cares for… except for violence and getting into stupid situations. She went to college with Lina’s mom, Astrid.
Valor the Golden
Sword-Dwelling Spirit
Valor is the dragon spirit that resides in the sword known as The Protector, or more colloquially, the Dragon Blade. For reasons known only to himself, Valor chose Seb to wield the sword. Valor is calm and collected in times of stress, but otherwise he keeps to himself and is a complete mystery. He can only be seen by Seb and people who are, in Valor’s words, “magically gifted.”
Owain the Steadfast
Hammer-Dwelling Spirit
Owain is the spirit that resides in the Dragon Maul. Owain chose Ceris to wield this mighty warhammer in the name of honor and justice. Owain is an honorable sort and takes his duties very seriously. He and Valor have a shared past that they aren’t disclosing yet. Like Valor, Owain can only be seen by a certain subset of people.


Friends & Family

Earth Acolyte
Earth Acolyte of Spring. Vern oversees the majority of Earth Plant maintenance. He’s even tempered to a fault.
Earth Acolyte
Earth Acolyte of Summer. Assists Vern in any way he can, thanks to his apparently unlimited well of energy. Despite being really energetic, he’s very shy and doesn’t say much.
Earth Acolyte
Earth Acolyte of Autumn. Assists with Plant Maintenance when he’s not worrying about being “prepared” for disasters that are pretty much all in his imagination.
Earth Acolyte
Earth Acolyte of Winter. Nate is the smartest, most resourceful of his four fellow acolytes. It’s too bad he pretty much never does anything because he’s napping.
Aurelia Neap
Water Acolyte Hopeful
Age: 11
Aurelia is the granddaugther of the acolyte of the Water Plant. She dreams of inheriting the job from her grandmother someday, and takes her studies very seriously. She’s very up-to-date on lore, so she’s looking forward to meeting some legendary heroes someday.
Aurita Neap
Water Acolyte Not Interested
Age: 16
Aurelia’s sister. Aurita is actually next in line to inherit their grandmother’s job, but she really could not possibly care less. Usually found paying attention to literally anything other than what she should be doing, at all times.
Cyanea Neap
Water Acolyte Incumbent
Age: 72
Aurelia and Aurita’s grandmother, and current Water Acolyte. Cyanea is getting on in years and the question of who will succeed her when she retires is still unanswered. Despite being close to retirement, she’s running out of patience and has recently gone on a well deserved vacation.
Melinda “Mindy” Motscoud
Magical Prodigy/Actor
Age: 21
Mindy is Lina’s older sister and is basically the best, most beautiful mage to ever come out of Chiaroscuro City, according to most people. She’s also an accomplished actress and has her own theater troupe. She’s beloved by the general public and loves them too, but she ESPECIALLY loves her baby sister!
Professor Paracelsus
Professor of Magic
Age: ???
Paracelsus was Lina’s magic teacher back in Chiaroscuro City, and is a friend of the Motscoud family. Other than that, no one really knows much about him… except the dragons, apparently. What’s up with that? Also, I’m pretty sure that Paracelsus is a pseudonym.
Astrid Cirrus Motscoud
M.I.A Mom
Age: 42
Lina and Mindy’s mom. She went missing during some kind of magical experiment. Everyone in her family except Lina appears to have presumed her to be, at the very least, extremely missing. Astrid also went to college with Dr. Cleric, where they became great friends.
Marcus Zephyr Heider
Perpetually Worried Father
Age: 43
Lina and Mindy’s dad. He’s a high ranking official of some sort in the Chiaroscuro City government and is often busy with work. Otherwise, he’s doing his best to keep things together after Astrid’s disappearance. It… may not be enough, but it is certainly his best. Claims to have quit smoking, but Mindy and Lina aren’t buying it.
Signal Mage/Actor
Age: 27
Cristoph is an overdramatic actor in Mindy’s troupe, the Chiaroscuro Players. He usually goes for the closest thing to the lead role as possible, which is never the lead role because Mindy gets those. He specializes in signal magic, which comes in handy for flashy stage stuff.
Age: 33
Samuel is the theater troupe’s accountant but sometimes takes on smaller acting roles in their productions. He’s a really nice guy and gets along with just about everybody.
Barrier Mage/Actor
Age: 14
Bean is a handsome young man who is far too aware of the fact that he is handsome. He doesn’t often go for the dashing male lead roles, though; he says this is so he can challenge himself as an actor, but the real reason is that he’s a huge dork who couldn’t turn on the charm if he had a spigot for it installed on his face. He specializes in Barrier Magic and having panic attacks. Bean suffers from low mana reserves, not unlike Lina, and becomes nauseous if he overexerts himself.
Blink Mage/Actor
Age: 18
Annabelle is the only other female actor in the troupe and an accomplished blink mage, meaning she can teleport people and objects short distances, within certain parameters. She’s very protective of Bean. Like Bean and Lina, Annabelle has low mana reserves and suffers from anemia if she overextends herself by blinking around too much in a short timespan.
Prop Builder/Actor
Age: 23
Garrison is the theater troupe’s prop builder and sometimes moonlights as an actor. He suffers from stage fright, so he doesn’t get exceptionally wordy parts to reduce the chance that he’ll flub his lines.
Set Painter/Actor
Age: 21
Marcus is the set painter for the troupe and also takes on acting roles. He’s much happier acting, though, but doesn’t have the chops to get the same roles as say, Christoph. Offstage, he kind of has an attitude problem in general.



Lord Grrg
Age: 78
The Darkling Lord who rules over a dead (by his own hand) city, the last remnant of a forgotten kingdom in the Western Wastes. He tried to take over the Chroma Kingdom 26 years ago but was soundly defeated by Xyrus and his friends… or so it seemed. Grrg has returned and is out for revenge. His plans, which are not entirely clear but revolve around something called the ‘Emperor System,’ are carried out by golems of his own design.
The Emperor
Age: ????
A strange apparition that seems to appear and speak only to Grrg, in order to make cryptic demands of him. Has something to do with the Emperor System… maybe?
Bat-Imp Golem
Brick is a loud-mouthed, ill-tempered golem who was sent by Grrg with his partner Mortar to deliver a “message” to Xyrus in Swatch City. What Brick lacks in strength he makes up for in Mortar always being around to protect him. Seriously, he’s pretty useless on his own.
Stone Fortress Golem
A golem created by Grrg, sent with his partner Brick to deliver a “message” to Xyrus in Swatch City. Mortar is polite, articulate, and soft-spoken; basically everything Brick is not. Mortar often has to compensate for his partner’s poor attitude. He doesn’t seem to mind… not that he’d let on if he did.
Shadow Mimic Golem
Lockstock was deployed with Barrel to the Earth Plant to carry out Grrg’s master plan. He takes his work very seriously, but he’s not actually all that good at it. He’s also pretty grabby; it’s fairly unsettling.
Pumpkinhead Golem
Barrel was sent to the Earth Plant with Lockstock to carry out Grrg’s master plan. Although she carries out her duties faithfully, and is pretty good at them, she doesn’t seem to take anything about it very seriously. Barrel is very prone to existential quandaries and gets distracted by them easily.
Mysterious Figure
Silhouette, Accomplice
AGE: ???
This woman appears to be working with Grrg on the Emperor project. To what end is as unknown as her identity. She is probably not anyone we know, though.
Blademaster Golem
The first golem of this series created by Grrg, and also his favorite. Dagger is incredibly good at his job. He is also extremely dangerous. The other golems know to tread carefully around Dagger.
Hauler Buoy Golem
Dispatched to Azuropolis to seize the Water Plant with his partner Sinker. Hookline is good natured and easygoing, which, oddly enough, seems to genuinely be his personality. It’s probably a cover, though. I mean… it’s gotta be. Right?
Decaphlounder Golem
Dispatched to Azuropolis to seize the Water Plant with his partner Hookline. Sinker is obnoxious and condescending, and like most with this kind of attitude, has no reason to be. He really loves the idea of being an actual captain. For the record, he is not.
Heliprojector Golem
Pan was sent to Chroma Castle to project Grrg’s ugly mug onto a wall for a transmission. He’s still hanging around the castle, despite the King’s efforts to get rid of him.
Phonograph Golem
Grrg’s personal speaker. Focus can receive audio remotely from Pan or Monitor and play it back. He can also send audio. Spends most of his time in Grrg’s throne room doing his job. Focus’s “default” partner is Pan, which explains his name.
Hi Def Golem
Grrg’s personal viewscreen. Screen receives images remotely from Monitor and can display them. Spends most of his time in Grrg’s throne room showing him whatever he wants to see.
Surveillance Golem
Monitor is a field agent originally sent with Lockstock and Barrel to let Grrg see what was going on in the Earth Plant. Afterwards he was tasked with following Seb and his friends on their journey. He’s doing his best, despite everything being really scary.
Age: ???
Omega was kept in suspended animation at Grrg’s old fortress until being retrieved and revived. Why Grrg brought Omega back is unclear, because what IS clear is that Omega really doesn’t like Grrg. It seems that Omega was kept in stasis with a matching golem called Alpha, who has mysteriously gone missing…