About the Comic

Blasphemous Saga Fantasy is the story of Seb Fuller, a 12-year-old squire who ends up being forced into the role of world-saving hero when his mentor, Master Knight breaks a few ribs. Seb is joined by his new friend Lina Motscoud, a talented sorceress-in-training,  The Slime King, a gelatinous monster he grew up with, and Ceris, the hammer-wielding princess of the Chroma Kingdom.
Together Seb, Lina, The Slime King, and Ceris must work to stop the plans of the evil wizard Grrg, who is back after decades in hiding after his defeat at the hands of a young Master Knight.

For more information check out the Cast Page or the Story Archive.

About the Author

Zack Corcoran is a comic artist and illustrator. He is also a BFA graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a major in Comic Art.
Zack’s major influences include video games, the cartoons he grew up with, and some anime/manga (but not most of it). His hobbies include baking delicious food that is incredibly unhealthy, playing video games, and taking photos of dumb stuff he finds while out and about. He is completely unable to resist petting any friendly cat.