I’ve been waiting on an order to arrive before announcing this, and it arrived today, with only a week to spare.

I will be at the 2012 Stumptown Comics Fest, which is being held this April 28th and 29th at the Oregon Convention Center. I’ll be at table E-4 selling Blasphemous Saga Fantasy Volume 1, which is a collection of the first 8 chapters, which also happens to be the first 100 pages. It’s in full color and will cost $10.00. I have 30 copies. I’ll also be selling a BSF side story, Seb and Lina in: Cave of the Mimics, BSF Mini 1 (which is just the first two chapters of the webcomic), and my minicomic story The Return of Quetzalcoatl, which is not BSF related. I’ll also have You Encounter a Monster buttons. If you happen to be able to make it and pick up a copy of Volume 1, let me know you read BSF and I’ll try to find some space to throw a little sketch of your favorite character on the inside front cover. I was a dope and didn’t leave a blank page for but but we can figure something out! So if you can make it, stop by and say hi!

And yes, if you can’t make it to the ‘Fest, don’t despair; I’m going to find a way to sell my remaining stock online after the convention, so you will be able to order Volume 1. Even if I do sell out, I’ll order more, so either way the book will be for sale online soon!