I never really mention it (because why would I), but I work a full time job in addition to BSF. This week, things have been particularly rough at work. As a result, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on Page 352. I was kind of amazed I was able to get Page 351 done!

So, I could just force the page out on time, but if I did, it wouldn’t look good. The first panel is relatively complex and if I just try to fudge it to get the page out I’m going to regret it forever. So I’m going to defer page 352 till Tuesday. This comic is super important to me, and so is your experience reading it. That is why I really try to keep to my schedule; being able to get a comic page when you expect it is super integral to the ideal experience. But… I value the quality of the comic even more than that. So now instead of a rushed, lousy page 352 tomorrow, you will get The Best Possible Page 352 on Tuesday, April 29th.

I really wish I didn’t need to do this, and I apologize for making you all wait, but if I compromise on quality, what even is the point? (There isn’t one. I checked.)

So I appreciate your patience, and Page 352 and I will see you on Tuesday!