Alright, I could defer this until Tuesday at 12:00am but I already know this is coming, so I’m going to post it now.

Real Life is once again assaulting me from all angles, as usual without warning. Nothing tragic is happening, so no worries. It’s just been one of those days where a multitude of unrelated factors coalesce into me not having enough time to make this page look its best in time for Tuesday. Like, man… that last panel. It needs to look good. It needs to look its best.
I could totally force the page out quickly while my cat makes utterly insane amounts of pure, unadulterated noise at me, while I am also tired and frustrated and maybe Manga Studio 5 decides it’s time to be horrible, so I end up going to bed late, just so I can go to work in the morning all grumpy and I look at the page in the middle of the day and go “this is what I stayed up late for?” and maybe you like it well enough! But I’ll know it wasn’t the best page I could have shared with you.

I’ll know.

So, two things:

First off, this week I’m only going to post a page on Thursday. That way, page 423 can look its absolute best. Hammerghost Owain in all his glory, Ceris in her new armor in normal lighting, and the aforementioned last panel… all at the level of quality you have come to expect and I know I am capable of.
Secondly, part of the reason I end up not having enough time is that Thursday pages generally cause me a great deal of burnout, which sort of bleeds into the entire week and messing stuff up. There’s a lot of time to put together a page for Tuesday but comparatively less to do one for Thursday, and all of the work for the latter happens during the work week, so then I need more recovery time and then it cuts into evenings I should be spending on Tuesday’s page, and so on, and so forth… I need more time per page overall.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: starting next week, on Tuesday, February 9th, I’ll be updating BSF on Tuesdays and Fridays. This gives me the same amount of time to work on any given page, and more time to spread the work out so I don’t get burnt out and the pages consistently look their best, all the time.

Thank you, always, for your patience and understanding, and of course, for reading. See you Thursday!