I’ll be honest with you: 2019 hasn’t been a great year for me.

I guess it’s good that we’re entering the home stretch on it, then, but it has really taken a toll on the time and motivation I’ve had for BSF. I want to apologize for all the skipped updates this year, but it’s what I’ve had to do to avoid burning out completely.

We’re at another one of those times, so it’s probably best if I use this coming week to focus on writing and thumbnailing more of the story so I can rebuild my momentum. We’re getting to the end of this flashback, and we’re going to go beyond it. I’m not stopping any time soon, but unfortunately adult life is complicated and busy so sometimes this just has to happen.

Thank you all for continuing to read even if the updates don’t come in quite as frequently as they used to. As always, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I’ll see you here again on December 3rd.